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Mapex drums

The first thing that you need to decide is what kind of sound you are going for. Jazz, Funk, Rock, The sound that you are going for will help you choose the  correct drum sizes and cymbals you may need.

For Jazz you would generally have an 18" kick drum where as Rock music you may want a 22" kick and for Funk/Pop a 20" kick drum.

It starts with the raw materials. Building the highest quality product initially depends on the expertise of those that select the the wood. Premium grade hardwoods like maple, walnut, birch and basswood are hand-selected from worldwide sources and are then matched by skilled experts to ensure that every drum Mapex produces carries with it the signature tonal and resonant properties that define the distinctive Mapex sound.

Let’s face it, looks are important too. All of our lacquer drums have eight-coat, hand-rubbed, high-gloss lacquer applied to each shell. Mapex drums finishes are durable, easy to maintain.

The details do matter. Mapex isolated tom mounting system ensures the sound you hear is all tom. From the bearing edges to the easy set bass drum claws, their dedicated artisans think like musicians and apply their expertise to creating a drum set that lets you focus on your playing and not on the equipment.

Every drum gets the same treatment. Regardless of price, we want every drum we craft to be built to exacting specifications. Mapex want you to start out on Mapex and love it so much that when you make it big, you remember the brand as you upgrade.

Mapex stand behind their instruments. Mapex artisans are relentless in designing and producing drums and hardware that can endure performance after performance. The result is a drum that you take on stage or into the studio with complete confidence. Choose Mapex drums.