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The first guitar to appear with the Furch brand name on the headstock was built in 1981 and was the product of a small unofficial ‘garage’ company, in what was then Czechoslovakia. At that time the communist regime disallowed all private enterprise, but founder František Furch’s insatiable desire for all things musical, forced his pursuits underground. His first instrument was made much earlier – while still a teenager – and consisted of an old drum body turned into a banjo.

Later in the ‘80s František Furch was known throughout the Czech music scene as a premium guitar builder and his instruments were the choice of many top musicians. In 1989, the Velvet Revolution and the fall of communism finally allowed František to realise his dreams without fear of persecution, and he set about forming his own manufacturing company. Furch Guitars was officially founded and he took on his first employee in a small 20m2 workshop.