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Gator cases

Gator Cases was founded in 2000 by father-daughter team Jerry Freed and Crystal Morris in Tampa, Florida.

Initially, they launched with a small offering of molded plastic guitar cases at the Summer NAMM show in Nashville, Tennessee. From there, they expanded the product line to include case and bag solutions for pro audio, IT, audio visual, general utility, band instrument, and percussion. The line now consists of over 1000 different solutions that are made from vacuum-formed plastics, rotational-molded plastics, wood, sewn, and EVA materials. 

Leveraging the company’s expertise in case design and manufacturing, Gator has also grown a complete OEM division that works with leading companies around the world to engineer and manufacture custom cases for original equipment manufacturers.

If you're not sure which case you need for your instrument / gear then check out Gator's  Case Finder which allows you to search for Gator products that are known to fit, or you could phone one of our team here at Musicstreet if you are still unsure which case to go for. 

From pioneering many new manufacturing processes to developing cutting-edge case solutions, Gator is an industry leader and innovator. With a goal is to constantly push the design envelope to create the ultimate case solutions.

Gator produce cases for almost every guitar, keyboard and pro audio mixer, microphone cases, rack cases and LCD cases which have become more popular over the past few years since the increase of digital mixing consoles.

Gator cases are readily available from Musicstreet, we carry some stock and work closely with our UK distributor to ensure that cases are shipped quicklyso as not to keep our customers waiting. 

You'll see professionals and amateur musicians using their Gator Cases throughout the world either on tour or maybe down the local pub keeping their beloved instruments safe from getting knocked and damaged. Gator cases are trusted by thousands of guitarists and keyboard players alike.