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Seymour Duncan

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The Destructive Black Winter Neck Pickup

The Black Winter neck humbucker is designed to accommodate the extreme tonal destruction of the black and death metal genres, offering a dark, vicious tones with excessive amounts of grime and aggression. The use of ceramic magnets and a high output allows players to deliver crushing distortion and punishing mids, with lots of aggressive saturation and string sensitivity for creating pure metal devastation. Not only is the Black Winter humbucker perfect for destructive chords, its beautifully crisp, clean tones are ideal for creating fluid solos and stunning licks. The pickup also features the right balance of mids, treble, and bass to produce annihilating riffs to solos with cutting articulation and everything in between.

The Devastating Black Winter Bridge Pickup

The Black Winter bridge humbucker is designed for the tonal destruction of black metal, death metal, and other extreme musical styles. Featuring a savagely high output and three large ceramic magnets, the Black Winter bridge ensures players receive the maximum output and sustain in high gain situations. Its custom overwound coil design provides the highs and mids with incredible clarity, while its controlled low-end features incredible focus. Created to accommodate any tuning, the Black Winter Humbucker’s voicing is ideal for aggressive sounding palm mutes, fluid tremolo picking, and searing lead lines.


  • Neck: 13
  • Bridge: 16.6
  • Magnet: Ceramic
  • Cable: 4C Shielded
  • Length: 3.315''
  • Height: 1.438''
  • Depth: 0.876''