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Seymour Duncan

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Still want the single coil tone but with all of the balls and output of a P90 or even humbucker? The Quarter Pounder has legendary status for giving Telecasters a completely brutal high output tone! Perfect for hot blues, rock, even metal!

Here's what Seymour Duncan say about the Quarter Pounder for Telecaster


High-output true single-coil pickup for hard-hitting tones. Great for classic rock, jazz-rock fusion, heavy rock and aggressive instrumental rock.


This brute has enough power to compete with humbuckers and hot P-90s. The stronger magnetic field of the quarter-inch diameter pole pieces increases the output and allows use of a special coil winding. It keeps the high-end definition for great treble bite and a full, powerful midrange. It's especially useful for overdriven tones. The STR-3 rhythm pickup matches the lead model in tone and output, but uses 3/16 pole pieces and comes with a chrome-plated brass cover.

Complete setup:

Available for both rhythm (neck) and lead (bridge) positions.


For all well-balanced instruments. Works equally well with maple and rosewood fingerboards.

Available mods:

Both lead and rhythm versions available tapped for dual output levels.


Cesar Rosas / Los Lobos, Gwyn Ashton, Joshua Partington / Something Corporate, Michael Sweet / Stryper