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Shure Microphones

Here's a little background into Shure Microphones and why they are still so popular today.

At any given moment, people in all parts of the globe rely on Shure products to communicate, entertain, and educate. The Shure® brand is known and trusted worldwide by audio professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Their founder, Sidney N. Shure, established the Company around a set of ethical business principles. Shure Incorporated has been in continuous operation since 1925, a testament to the soundness of these principles.

Mr. Shure's values and philosophy continue to guide Shure Associates today, and are reflected in the products and services provided to our customers.

Shure offers audio products ranging from wired microphones and wireless microphone systems to mixers, conferencing systems, and listening products. Shure products are critical components in touring sound, broadcast, installed sound, conferencing, and studio recording applications, to name a few.

Throughout most of Shure's history, one microphone series has remained in their catalog longer than any other – the Unidyne. Widely recognized the world over, it is synonymous with the name Shure. In presenting this rich and fascinating history of the Unidyne Series, Shure thanks our Associates and customers who have faithfully stood with us over the years. Shure's commitment to providing quality products remains the same now as when the first 55 Unidyne Series made its debut in 1939.

In 2016  Shure celebrated the 50th anniversary of the world’s most popular mic, the Shure SM58® Vocal Microphone. Loyal users know that this rugged and reliable mic sounds great. But many may not know that the “SM” in SM58 stands for “Studio Microphone.”

Shure microphones had been a fixture in the public address market for nearly three decades when Shure executives saw growth potential in the radio and television broadcast markets of the early 1960s. This led to the development of the SM microphone series. The SM57 (1965) and SM58 (1966) were based on the popular Unidyne® III 545 (1959) used for public address systems. These new SM models were intended for broadcast studio use, eliminating the on- off switch and featuring a non-reflective, dark gray finish.

The SM57 & SM58 are widely used and probably still todays most popular Shure Microphones