12th Nov 2017 New 2018 PRS Models....Paul Reed Smith guitars have unveiled their new 2018 lineup of SE models, including a run of left handed Custom 24's, a new 245, a seven string, a signature model and a new Multi Foil finish. Let's dive in and explain some more.

2nd Nov 2017 Size isn't always everything...It seems that over the years us guitar players (bassists included) have gone from using huge heads, cabinets, racks and high powered overly heavy combos, (Read More...)

1st Nov 2017 The Low Down - So guitarists get a lot of attention when it comes to amplification (rightly so too!), but should us bass players be as particular for creating that low end rumble? (Read More..)

30th Oct 2017 Ryan Adams, new guitar? - Anyone in the guitar loving world who follows Ryan Adams at all knows that his guitar collection is quite something, and that he takes a mixture of vintage and modern reissue guitars and amplifiers on tour wherever he goes. But what most people have been talking about and pondering on is whether Ryan will be releasing a signature model in the near future. (Read More...)