Electro-Harmonix Crying Bass

Electro Harmonix

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 The Crying Bass brings all the advantages of EHX’s outrageous Next Step Effects to bass guitarists. Designed especially for bass, this wah/fuzz pedal provides the smoothest response and sound that goes all the way from smooth funk to rude growl without losing any bottom.

Whether anchoring the bottom or stepping out aggressively, the new Crying Bass Wah/Fuzz pedal lets a bassist express themselves with an organic sound and feel.

The Crying Bass is uniquely EHX. Here are the quick specs:

- Wah pedal designed specifically for bass guitar
- Bass-tuned fuzz circuit adds growl
- Low-pass filter adds bottom end
- No moving parts to break
- Super responsive and expressive
- Silent switching from bypass to effect
- Battery included, 9 Volt power supply optional