Electro-Harmonix Hog2 Foot Controller

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  • Preset Controller for HOG2
  • Congratulations on your purchase of the Electro Harmonix HOG2 FOOT CONTROLLER! When connected to your HOG2 main unit, the Foot Controller gives you access to 100 presets, allowing you to load and save your favorite HOG2 settings. Every slider position and mode selection is stored when you save a preset and faithfully recalled when you load the preset at a later date. If an expression pedal is connected to the HOG2 it will even store its position at the time of saving.
  • Connect the HOG2 Foot Controller (HOG2 FC) to your HOG2 main unit using a standard 1/4” mono instrument cable. Plug into the jack labeled FOOT CONTROLLER on the HOG2. The other end of the cable should be inserted into the HOG2 FC’s jack labeled INPUT. As long as the HOG2 main unit is powered up, the digits on the HOG2 FC will light up indicating it is ready for use.
  • 2-DIGIT LED DISPLAY — The LEDs display the currently selected or loaded preset number. The numbers range from 0 to 99. When a preset is loaded, the rightmost decimal point on the HOG2 FC and PRESET LED on the HOG2 main unit will light indicating a PRESET is active. If the rightmost decimal point is not lit, then either no PRESET is currently loaded or the HOG2 is in bypass mode.
  • UP/DOWN Footswitches — If no preset is currently loaded, pressing either footswitch will load the preset associated with the currently displayed number. For example, if the HOG2 FC is displaying 0 and the decimal point next to 0 is not lit, pressing either footswitch will load Preset 0.
  • If a preset is loaded, press and release the UP Footswitch and the digits on the HOG2 FC will increment by one while simultaneously loading the preset indicated by the new number. For example, if your HOG2 FC is displaying 0 and you press the UP Footswitch, the display will load and show Preset 1. The DOWN footswitch does the same but instead decrements by one.
  • Press and hold either footswitch for approximately half a second to jump up or down by ten presets instead of just one.
  • SELECT Knob — The SELECT knob can be used to scroll through the presets without loading a new preset. Turn the knob clockwise to scroll up through the presets, turn the knob counter-clockwise to scroll down. Press and release the SELECT knob to load the currently displayed preset. If a preset is loaded, and you turn the SELECT knob, the numbers will blink indicating that a different preset is actually loaded.
  • Press and hold the SELECT knob for approximately 3 seconds to save the current HOG2 setting to the preset number currently displayed. After holding the SELECT knob for 3 seconds, the numbers will disappear for 1 second, indicating that the preset has been saved.
  • To save your current HOG2 setting, turn the SELECT knob until the HOG2 FC displays the preset number you would like to save to. Now press and hold the SELECT knob for 3 seconds. After 3 seconds the digits will go blank, indicating that the preset is saved. You can now release the SELECT knob.
  • There are two ways to load a preset: the UP/DOWN footswitches or the SELECT knob. Use the UP/DOWN footswitches to load the selected number, if the preset is not already activated. Once a preset is loaded, use the UP/DOWN footswitches to increment/decrement through the presets. The footswitches will both load and change the preset number simultaneously.
  • Use the SELECT knob to scroll through the presets. Press and release SELECT to load the currently displayed preset number.
  • If you load a preset and then move a slider or change a mode on the HOG2 main unit, you will see both the PRESET LED on the HOG2 and the decimal point on the HOG2 FC blink rapidly. The rapidly blinking LED indicates that the currently loaded preset has been changed or edited in some way. If you would then like to save this edit, turn the SELECT knob to a new number, then press and hold the SELECT knob for 3 seconds. Release the SELECT knob after the digits go blank. While you are turning the SELECT knob to a new preset number, the digits will blink rapidly indicating that the currently displayed number is not the preset that is loaded.
  • Unloading a preset will allow the HOG2 main unit to go back to its What You See Is What You Get Mode, where all the current slider positions indicate the HOG2’s actual setting. To unload the current preset, press and release the SELECT knob. Upon unloading, both the PRESET LED on the HOG2 main unit and the decimal point on the HOG2 FC will turn off.
  • - POWER -
  • Power for the HOG2 Foot Controller comes from the HOG2 main unit, through the 1/4” instrument cable. The Foot Controller does not require batteries or a separate AC Adapter. Its only source of power is the HOG2.