Electro-Harmonix Super Pulsar

Electro Harmonix

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A truly super tremolo with powerful controls and signal routing. Sculpt the tremolo’s shape with adjustable ’Sine’, ’Triangle’ and ’Pulse’ waveforms while ’Tap Tempo’ and ’Tap Divide’ functions ensure synchronicity. Create your own rhythmic patterns and store them; Save and recall up to eight customized preset programs. Conjure moving tremolos on-the-fly with EXP control over ’Rate’, ’Depth’, ’Shape’, ’Phase’ or ’Volume’. The deluxe I/O lets you choose Stereo or Mono settings while analogue circuitry yields warm, lush tones that will envelop you in shape-shifting waves. Features: Analogue Tremolo with full Stereo/Mono I/O. Adjustable modulation waveforms include ’Sine’, ’Triangle’ and ’Pulse’ waves plus 9 rhythmic patterns that may be changed by the user and saved. Modulation rate set by ’Rate’ knob, ’Tap Tempo’ FSW, external ’Tap’ FSW or external clock. The waveform phase for the right channel may be adjusted from 0 degrees to 360 degrees in relation to the left channel.