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Fender Pro Junior III 15W Guitar Amp — The world's most popular tube amps just got better! Fender Hot Rod Series Amplifiers are found on every stage in the world, large and small, and are used by guitarists from all walks of life. Hot Rod Amps deliver unmistakable Fender tone and are the perfect platform for musicians to craft their own signature sound. These no-frills amps are affordable, reliable and loud, and they pair extremely well with stomp boxes.
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Product Ref: 18109
The Pro Junior™ III is a simple, uncluttered 15-watt tone machine - a great grab-and-go tube amp for stage and studio. It delivers the fat mid tones characteristic of EL-84 output tubes, driven by a dual-12AX7 tube preamp and a 10" Fender Special Design speaker with vintage cone. It all adds up to incredibly touch-sensitive dynamic response that experienced players prefer.
Other features include a unique clean-to-drive volume control, and external speaker capability. Additional Pro Junior III upgrades include an easier-to-read black control panel with front-reading text, new badge, vintage Fender "dog bone" handle, vintage-size jewel light, lower-noise shielding, rattle-reducing shock absorbers for the EL-84 tubes, and heavy-duty set-screw "chicken head" knobs.
•Inputs: One
•Speaker Jack: External Speaker Jack
•Channels: One
•Rectifier: Solid State Rectifier
•Controls: Master Volume, Master Tone
•Hardware Finish: Chrome
•Pilot Light Jewel: Red Amp Jewel
•Handle: "Dog Bone" Handle
•Front Panel: Black Front Panel
•Grill Cover: Black Textured Vinyl Covering with Blackface Style Black/Silver Grille Cloth
•Input Impedance: 1 MOhm Input Impedance
•Output Impedance: 8 Ohm
•Sensitivity: 10mV for full power, Tone and Volume = 12
•Speaker: 1-10" Special Design Eminence® 8 Ohm, 30 Watt Speaker
•Impedance: 8 Ohm
•Pre Amp Tubes: 2 x 12AX7
•Power Tubes: 2 x EL84
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