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andy timmons

The Ibanez ATZ100-SBT is the signature model of American guitar icon Andy Timmons. A prominent session player, Andy has been a long time Ibanez player and this guitar is the latest version of his famed superb signature model.

Crafted in Japan, it's very clearly inspired by the timeless design of the S shape. Look beyond the classic styling though and the Ibanez ATZ100-SBT boasts some great features.

With an Alder body you get a resonant and precise tone. Finished in a cool Sunburst, it looks a million dollars; the ergonomic body shape feels smooth, well balanced and poised for action.

The S-Tech Roasted Maple neck features 22 jumbo stainless steel, its comfortable and offers a sweet playing experience right up the neck. With super resonance and stability this is a guitar that delivers well above its price point.

With a rich history of Ibanez mega tones to live up to, the Ibanez ATZ100 is loaded with a trio of DiMarzio "The Cruiser" pickups. In the traditional SSS configuration, they have an insane dynamic range and unrivalled clarity and power, you can unleash sweeping solos or shimmering cleans. Whatever you need, these pups can handle it. Fully equipped with Gotoh Magnum Lock machine heads and a Wilkinson-Gotoh VSVG tremolo bridge, you get incredible tuning stability and precise intonation.

With its great specs and classic aesthetics, the Ibanez ATZ100 is a guitar you most definitely want to check out!