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Unlike other strap lock systems, LOXX combines great design with thoughtful presentation and outstanding instrument protection. LOXX's unique, German engineered design with its inner spring locking system and high-grade materials keeps your instrument safe while retaining its ease of use - even under the most extreme conditions. No more struggling to fit a lock to your strap. No more nuts and washers falling on stage halfway through the performance.
LOXX has a one handed "easy on - easy off" engage and release action. Yet, it can resist a pull-out force of up to 100kg. Widely used in the marine industry, LOXX's high grade materials are tear-proof, watertight, corrosion-resistant and, naturally, very long-lasting. This, combined with its ability to cover a broad range of strap sizes and thickness, makes it the most advanced and effective strap lock design available. The intelligent design of the LOXX strap lock system makes it incredibly easy to attach or remove the strap. Once the LOXX pin is screwed into the guitar, the strap can be locked and released single-handedly by simply pulling the locking head.