Mapex Arbw4650Rctk Exterminator


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So you are looking for a snare that not only looks great but also has the personality to back it up? It's time you took the Mapex The Exterminator Snare 14 x 6.5  for a ride! The lethal combination of birch and walnut produces a tone that has a fast, clean attack but also carries plenty of meatiness in the low to mid range, you can really feel it in your chest! Comfort is key and with the latest and greatest SONIClear technooglogy you can garnetee that your drumhead will sit flat, making it easier too produce a more consitant sound!

Here's what Mapex say about the Mapex The Exterminator Snare 14 x 6.5 

This drum is all about mass impact. With a Birch/Walnut Hybrid Shell. The Exterminator has a broad spread and a powerful attack that your bandmates will feel in their gut. 


  • The Scream of Birch and the Punch of Walnut unite to produce a balanced blend of tone and attack. 
  • The SONIClear(TM) Bearing Edge (standard on all Armory wood shell models) allows all drumheads to sit flat and tune effortlessly and respond with a stronger fundamental pitch. 
  • The precision tooled solid steel Armory Tube Lugs deliver greater tuning accuracy and shell stability while giving the drum an elegant yet modern appearance.


  • 14"x6.5" 
  • 6.85mm 7ply Birch/Walnut 
  • SONIClear(TM) Edge 
  • Dark, Focused and Balanced 
  • Ebony Stain over Figured Wood 
  • Chrome 
  • Piston Strainer with Vertical Throw-Off