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The Wraith forms part of a new selection of Artist signature models in the Mapex Black Panther range. These snares represent the character and unique sound of these classic Mapex artists, and offer the opportunity for you to have a bit of their magic in your kit.

The Wraith is the Signature Snare from Matt Halpern, legendary drummer from the band Periphery. Mapex describe the overall sound as " warm open and explosive" The snare is characterised buy a bone-dry, sharp crack of a sound that will punch through any kit, and whispering ghost notes that will give your beat texture, light and shade. It's made from a 1.2mm brass shell in 14" by 6" configuration and with 9 vents in the shell that give that dryness. When you buy this snare you will also get a personally sighned picture booklet, adding a nice touch.

Being part of the Black Panther range, The Wraith makes use of many of the professional class features that the series brings. This includes the Black Panther cylinder-drive strainer that uses a self-lubricating bearing to keep the motion smooth and the snare tension even across the drum. There's an adjustment dial to fully cusomise the motion of the strainer, and it provides a tactile and satisfying click as its turned. Mapex Sonic Saver hoops are also used, providing a mid ground between a flanged hoop and a die-cast hoop. A nice touch is that you get Matt's personal choice of snare wires and drum head fitted as standard so it's like you took the snare out of the hands of the man himself!


  • The 1.2mm brass shell is perfect for all styles of playing and produces warm, dry tones at all volumes. 
  • The 6” depth is perfect for tuning to low pitches for that fat , open sound and as well as tuning high so those ear splitting rim shots. 
  • The 9 vents let the drum breathe and helps increase the response and the articulation. 
  • 14" x 6" 
  • 1.2mm Brass 
  • Traditional 45° 
  • Sound: Warm, Open, Explosive, 
  • Satin Black Brass Finish 
  • Chrome Hardware 
  • Black Panther Stainless Steel Snare Wires