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Mapex Falcon PF1000LTW Lefty Double Pedal:

The Mapex PF1000LTW Falcon Double Pedal features a high-quality double-pedal design with interchangeable drive capability for ultimate customisation of your kick pedals and all-round drumming experience. With the ability to experiment with the differences between chain, strap, and direct drive feels, players can create unique kick pedals which is right for them. The pedals feature a left-beater layout, allowing for use with unique drumming styles and techniques. Interchangeable beater weights also allow for further personalisation of your pedal. Self-adjusting hoop clamps and beater angle adjustment result in a highly versatile design, ideal for use with a wide range of bass drums. Providing drummers with optimal adjustment, the PF1000LTW is designed to be one of the smoothest-playing pedals ever made. The Mapex PF1000LTW Pedal offers a gig ready design, featuring all the adjustability and high-end components needed by a serious player.


  • Double-pedal, left beater design
  • Self-adjusting hoop clamp
  • Interchangeable beater weights
  • Interchangeable drives (sold separately part # ACF-DD, and ACF-SD)
  • Footboard height adjustment
  • Reduced base plate size
  • Beater angle adjustment