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Marshall 1958X Handwired Guitar Combo Amp

Lovely condition including Marshall slip cover

For guitarists that love tone, the handwired Marshall 1958X certainly delivers. Crank it up and listen to those EL84's overdrive - simplicity at its finest.

Loaded with 2x10" Celestion G10F-15 speakers that have been 'aged' to get an authentic vintage sound, with a valve-driven Tremolo effect built in for that '60s vibe.

The 1958X is a hand-soldered re-issue of the revered 1958, 18 Watt all-valve, 2 x 10 combo. A painstakingly accurate re-issue, the 1958X is a plain, straightforward amp that likes to be turned right up, overdriving its EL84 power valves; the 1958X sounds its best when cranked, producing harmonically complex and full, rich tone. But because of its lower Wattage, the 1958X will produce incredible authentic Marshall tone at a volume that won’t shift your hearing.

For real authenticity, the 1958X also features valve-driven Tremolo, and just like the 1973X, has no negative feedback in its cathode-biased output stage.

The original Greenback speakers used in the1958 combo would mature over time, their sound softening with age. The special 10” Celestion G10F-15 Greenbacks in the 1958X have been ‘aged’ to get as close as possible to that vintage, worn in, ’60s vibe.

  • Model- 1958X
  • Technology - Valve
  • Channels - 2
  • Wattage - 18W
  • Inputs - 2 x 2
  • Controls - Tone & Vol x2, Speed, Intensity
  • Speaker Size - 2 x 10"
  • Impedance- 16 Ohm
  • Pre Amp Valves -  2 x ECC83
  • Power Amp Valves - 1 x ECC83 2 x EL84
  • Footswitch - Pedl-10034 Included (Vintage Footpedal)
  • Dimensions 610mm x 535mm x 230mm
  • Weight (kg) 19.5