Marshall Dsl15-H

Based around the modern classic JCM2000 DSL series the DSL15H is a goto head for those that want straight up, no fuss pure Marshall rock!

Marshall DSL15C joins the all new range of DSL series guitar combo amplifiers, delivering the classic all -valve sound of the Super Lead range in the form of a portable practice amp. Marshall DSL15C combo comes based on the hugely successful JCM2000 DSL series guitar amplifier, which was well loved and respected by top guitarists worldwide. DSL15-C features an all valve design, driven by 4 x ECC83 preamp and 2 x 6V6 power amp valves. Pentode/Triode switchable on the rear panel down from 15 to 7.5 Watts and loaded with inbuilt digital reverb ensures the appeal of this awesome Marshall DSL15C Super Lead combo amp.

A compact 15 watt 2 channel head with dual 6V6 output valves.

Marshall DSL15H All Valve 15 Watt Head
15 Watt Head
2 Channels (Classic Gain, Ultra Gain) With Independent Volume/Gain Controls
6V6 Valve Power Stage
Bass, Middle, Treble and Presence Controls
Tone Shift Button
Deep Switch Button
Pentode/Triode Switch
Footswitch Included (for channel change)
Speaker Output For 8 Or 16 Ohm Speaker Cabinets

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