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Portable Power

The Marshall DSL5CR may be small, but it still packs in a wide range of features. Its 5 watt volume output is perfect for home use and for small gigs, where it will deliver real Marshall valve tone with an organic response and natural feel.

Twin Channel Versatility

The Marshall DSL5CR has 2 channels that let you set up both Classic Gain and Ultra Gain tones. Each channel has independent gain and volume controls so you can get the perfect balance between overdrive level and volume. This will let you craft the ideal range of gain levels, from crystal clean through to edge-of-breakup and onto full-on saturation.

The DSL5CR has a 3-band EQ for full tone sculpting (improved for 2018) and a reverb control to add a sympathetic ambience. This twin channel design is foot-switchable for versatile use on stage and in rehearsals.

The tone is generated by real valves so you can be sure you'll be getting real valve saturation and organic response. The sound is focused through a Celestion Ten-30 10'' speaker that gives the perfect balance between portability and projection.

Adjustable Power

The DSL5CR has a 5 watt power output which can be surprisingly loud when that volume is provided by valves. This amplifier can easily keep up with a drummer and should be loud enough for band rehearsals and for small gigs.

The amp has adjustable power levels, meaning you can get a quieter volume with no loss in valve tone. This is ideal for practice at home, where you may be limited in volume but you still require the real feel of tubes.

Softube Emulation

Marshall's partnership with software developers Softube has led to the DSL range being equipped with Softube emulation technology. This gives you a direct connection to the amplifier, which sends out the sound of a professionally mic'd Marshall 1960 cabinet. This signal can be used to send your tone directly to a mixing desk for a no-fuss and consistently great sound to use at a gig. The Softube output also makes recording a simple-task, when you can be guaranteed of a fantastic cabinet sound without having to worry about microphone placement and room acoustics.

The DSL5CR's range of features make it the ideal amplifier for both practice, rehearsals, gigs, studio use, and for home recording. In all applications, the DSL5 will deliver a quality Marshall valve tone, inspiring you to make music.


  • Model Name: DSL5CR
  • Amplifier Type: All-Valve Combo Amp
  • Power Output: 5 Watts
  • Input Sockets: 1/4" Instrument Input; Audio In (on rear panel); FX Send/Return (on rear panel); F/S footswitch input (on rear panel)
  • Output Sockets: Emulated Cabinet Output (Headphone Socket)
  • Speaker Outputs: 1 x 16 Ohm Speaker Out (bypasses built-in speaker)
  • Channels: Classic Gain, Ultra Gain
  • Channel Controls: Volume (Classic Gain); Gain, Volume (Ultra Gain); Channel Select Switch (Footswitch controllable, socket on rear panel)
  • EQ Controls: Treble, Middle, Bass, Tone Shift Switch, Deep Switch
  • Other Controls: Reverb; Low Power Switch (on rear panel)