Marshall MG101CFX Amp Combo is a 100 watt 1 x 12" amplifier


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The Marshall MG101CFX Amp Combo is a 100 watt 1 x 12" amplifier with 4 programmable channels and digital effects. Boasting a bold carbon fibre clad look and MG's critically acclaimed, analogue tonal heart, the brand new from Marshall Amps the MGCF Series has arrived and is already the practice amp of choice for some of the world's leading players.

Special Offer: For a limited time we are giving the Marshall Stompware Footcontroller away free with this amp! If you place an order for the MG101 we'll send you the foot pedal FREE of Charge.

INSTANT RECALL on the Marshall MG101CFX for the channels and effects.
Now here's where it gets really clever. Each of the amp's four channels has memory, should you choose to use it! Here's how it works. The amp has two easily selectable operational modes - Preset or Manual. In Manual mode, it will operate like a normal amp, namely what you see on the front panel is what you get. In Preset Mode, however, the game changes - you select a channel, dial in the tone and FX you want, hit the Store button and 'Hey Presto' - those settings will be instantly recalled every time you reselect that channel, until you decide to change and restore it. The only setting not remembered is the Master volume, for obvious reasons.

ULTIMATE FOOT CONTROL with the Marshall Stompware
Incorporating Marshall's very own patent-pending Stompware technology, developed from the award-winning JVM Series, the MGCF footcontroller makes using the MGCF 'FX' amplifiers simplicity itslef. The MGCF footcontroller is totally programmable, with each of the four footswitches assignable to any front panel switch, preset channel and/or built-in Tuner. A simple LED panel lets you know exactly what features and channels are engaged, while the digital display indicates the currently selected footswitch. When using the Tuner function, the digital display shows the closest current note being played, as the LED panel is used to fine tune that note perfectly. All that is required to connect the switching power and functionality of the MCF footcontroller is a good quality guitar lead. No more expensive manufacturer cables to repair or replace and an end to the question on all guitarists lips: 'Will my footswitch cable reach?' The MGCF footcontroller puts you back in charge, not your footswitch.

...AND MORE FEATURES of the Marshall MG101CFX
Like the MG15 CFX and MG30 CFX, the MG101 CFX boasts four programmable channels - Clean, Crunch, OD-1 and OD-2 - which switch instantly and seamlessly. In addition to being armed with stage ready firepower, its digital FX arsenal has also been upgraded to the next level so three simultaneous, programmable effects are now possible. This is thanks to a separate Delay which, in addition to having a Tap Tempo button to set delay time, also offers four choices of delay type - Hi-Fi, Tape, Multi or Reverse. And as Delay is now separate, an extra effect, Vibe has been added to the FX menu. The three simultaneous, programmable effects are Reverb, Delay and either Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Vibe or Octave. Furthermore, with the exception of Octave which is fixed (original notes plus an octave below), Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Phase, Flanger and Vibe are all adjustable. So, once again, we're talking about a successful marraige of modern digital technology with critically acclaimed, tried and tested analogue tone circuitry. A partnership that gives you 100% pure Marshall tones enhanced with Digital FX and memory! To add further to its flexible, guitarist friendly nature, the MG101CFX also houses an FX Loop; an MP3/Line In jack; and an emulated Headphone Output that doubles as a Line Out jack. It also comes supplied with a two way, channel switching footpedal. And for even more flexibility it is compatible with the optional MG Footcontroller.

Product Code: MG101CFX
100 Watts Output (RMS)
1 x 12" Speaker
4 Channels (storable) (Clean, Crunch, OD1, OD2)
Digital Effects (Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Vibe, Octave)
Digital Delay (Hi-Fi, Tape, Multi, Reverse)
Digital Reverb (Spring, Studio)
Three Band EQ
Power Amp Damping Switch
MP3 / Line In Jack
Emulated Headphone Output
External FX Loop
2 Way Channel Switching Footswitch Supplied
MG Footcontroller Compatible
591 x 528 x 283mm

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