Mooer MRV1 Shimverb

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The  Mooer ShimVerb Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal offers a great variety of reverb effects in an incredibly compact affordable unit.

The Mooer ShimVerb features three different types of reverb - Room, Spring and Shimmer - controlled by the Level, Colour and Decay knobs on the unit. Room mode offers a range of natural room reverbs from a small room to a hall while the ShimVerb's Spring mode simulates a classic spring reverb with a '60s 'surf-rock' vibe. The SimVerb's final function is Shimmer, which adds glistening overtones to the guitar signal, ideal for creating expansive soundscapes.

The ShimVerb, along with all other Mooer Micro Series pedals, has true bypass circuitry. It requires a 9v AC adapter in order to power the pedal due to the unit's tiny footprint.

The main features of the Mooer ShimVerb Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal include:

  • Micro Series pedal
  • Three modes for a variety of reverb effects - Room, Spring and Shimmer
  • Controls for Level, Colour and Decay
  • Single footswitch
  • True bypass
  • 1 x 1/4" jack input, 1 x 1/4" jack output
  • Powered by 9v AC adapter (not included)
  • Weighs 170g
  • 52mm height x 42mm width x 93.5mm depth


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