MXR SF-01 Slash Octave/Fuzz

Slash has had the prototype on his board for some time, tweaking and road testing no doubt...and finally, we all get to own the MXR SF01 Octave Fuzz pedal! The MXR SF-01 Octave/Fuzz features 3 different effects to thicken up your tone: "Sub Octave Growl", "Thick '70's Shag" fuzz & "Psychedelic Octave Up" fuzz. Control pots for volume, tone, fuzz, sub octave and octave up allow you to tweak your tones, whilst two footswitches allow you to turn the octave effect on and off and toggle the fuzz effect in and out. A seperate switch allow the sub octave tone to be effected by the fuzz circuitry or left as a dry signal. 

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