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  • Signature Dry Heavy Ride
  • Size: 22" 
  • Weight: heavy
  • Volume: medium to very loud
  • Stick Sound: pingy
  • Intensity: medium dry
  • Sustain: medium long
  • Bell Character: separated
Sound Character: Bright, metallic, full. 
Wide range, clean mix. 
Heavy feel. 
Bright, pronounced ping over controlled, dark, deep, and complex wash. 
Strong, musical, well separated bell. 
Very strong, cutting ride for articulate playing at elevated volume levels. 
"Beautiful and harmonic." - Danny Carey

The «Monad» 22" Dry Heavy Ride was created in collaboration with the eclectic Danny Carey, uniquely known for his infusion of geometry, science and metaphysics into the art of drumming. The resulting playing style, which makes extensive use of polyrhythmic figures, odd meters and complex time signatures, is a characteristic feature of the sound of the Grammy Award winning cult band «Tool».

The newly developed model is based on the traditional Signature Dry Heavy Ride, which has been Danny’s main Ride cymbal since the 1990s. In this reincarnation, the model is coated in translucent purple, using Paiste’s proprietary ColorSound process, and features a lathed bell, using the unique Reflector finish. 

The «Monad» 22" Dry Heavy Ride is a decidedly heavy cymbal capable of strong and cutting ride playing at elevated volume levels. It features a pronounced, articulate ping over a controlled, dark, deep and complex wash.The strong, full, yet very musical bell is well separated. 

As a tribute to Danny’s inspiration, the label «Monad» and three metaphysical symbols, being Danny’s personal choices in keeping with his esoteric interests, have been placed on the cymbal. 

Signature Series cymbals are made by hand in Switzerland using traditional methods that have remained unchanged in over half a century. 

Artist Inspiration cymbals are created by Paiste featuring Artists’ uncompromising sound ideas and visual concepts.