Rat Stand

Rat Stand - The Alto Stand


What every school needs is an unbreakable stand, which nests for compact storage, has no knobs to fiddle with or get lost, and has a range of height adjustment to suit a child cellist as well as a singer standing on a riser.

The Alto Stand delivers this and more, made with materials which are unbreakable yet will not damage things they are bashed into, the biggest range of height adjustment of any stand on the market, and a design which enables them to stack very easily and compactly.

Add to that some features normally only found on expensive stands, including an aluminium stem, rubber feet to protect your floor, an extra lip on the music tray for pencils and erasers and the lowest storage height on the market.

Structural parts: Aluminium
Feet: Rubber
Tray: Polypropylene
Coating: Anodised aluminium

Tray width: 503mm
Tray height: 323mm
Depth of tray lip: 57mm
Lowest height to bottom of score: 715mm
Tallest height to bottom of score: 1601mm
Nesting pitch: 65mm
Floor area occupied by 20 stands: 1640mm x 503mm
Weight: 2.3kg

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