Red Witch

Red Witch Synthotron Pedal

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The Red Witch Synthotron brings you a complete analog synth sound to your pedal board. The stompbox uses a dual synthesizer setup, in which one section works as an octave-up synth (same pitch or one octave above) and the other as octave- down synth (one or two octaves lower). Both sections can be used separately or combined and come with flexible control options for level and decay. A switchable tremolo function with velocity and dry controls affect both synths and gives you everything from subtle fluctuations to crazy stutter-like effects. You can add just the perfect amount of dry guitar signal to the synth with the dry control. 

The fourth section of the Red Witch Synthotron is an envelope filter, which can be used independently or in combination with the synths. Create cool funk wah settings or crazy '80s enveloped synth tones right from your pedal board. Set the filter's range from high to low and everything in between. A Sample Hold switch lets you hold the tones while the synth works its magic.  


  • 2x Level
  • 2x Decay
  • 2x Velocity
  • Dry
  • Range


  • Analog synthesizer and envelope filter in one stompbox
  • Two parallel synthesizers
  • Switchable tremolo effect
  • Envelope filter with sample hold function
  • True bypass
  • Status LED
  • 9 V DC power supply included in the delivery
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