Roland R-Mix Audio Processing Software

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The  Roland R-MIX is an innovative new way to manipulate audio. R-MIX lets you see the components of a stereo mix as color-coded clouds of energy and harmonic matter. Select your desired components of the mix, and freely edit them. You can change panning positions and levels to individual instruments within a stereo mix and add effects to each element. You can even independently adjust the pitch and speed of the playback using VariPhrase technology.

Roland R-MIX gives you high-quality, natural-sounding results without undesirable artifacts, glitches, or over-modulated sounds. And once you’ve finished your project, you can export it as an audio file and play it on any standard music-playback device, or import the file into your favorite music-software program.

R-MIX Software allows you to clean up your mixes with the built-in Noise Cancel, which eliminates undesirable hiss and hum noises. Delay and reverb effects are also included, letting you add depth and expression to each element (or all) of your mix.

With R-MIX, there’s only one friendly screen to navigate. No need to switch screens or hunt through a maze of embedded menus. R-MIX’s controls are designed to natural workflow so you can work effortlessly. A built-in Help window is provided for each task so you can operate R-MIX without the need for a printed manual.


The main features of the R-MIX software include:

  • View the elements of a stereo mix as color-coded clouds of energy and frequency matter onscreen
  • Freely select and manipulate any element within a stereo mix
  • High-quality sound
  • Create minus-one type karaoke files from existing songs by lowering the level of the pre-recorded vocal or any other instrument you select
  • Create your own remixes and mash-ups by using two pairs of stereo tracks within R-MIX
  • Isolate any desired instrument within a mix, and then solo and slow down that element for study
  • Clean up old recordings and master your stereo mixes by adjusting individual instrument levels within a mix and applying noise reduction and effects
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows
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