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Seymour Duncan

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Seymour Duncan APH-1 Alnico II Pro Neck Pickup, Black

Warm, sweet tone that works great for jazz, blues, classic rock and slide players; this is the APH-1 Neck pickup from legendary manufacturer, Seymour Duncan. This pickup comes in black.

The Seymour Duncan APH-1 Alnico II Pro Neck pickup, black, is a warm, moderate-output humbucker, which works well for jazz, blues, classic rock and slide. These pickups boast players including Slash (Velvet Revolver & Guns 'N Roses), Jeff Tamelier (Tower of Power), Tim Mahoney (311) and Troy Van Leeuwen (Queens of the Stone Age).

Warm, Sweet Tone

The APH-1's Alnico 2 magnet and moderate windings help provide a warm, sweet tone with more natural string vibration for great sustain. If you're looking to get the distortion from the amp and not the pickup, the APH-1 lets you back off the crunch and get beautiful clean tones with softer attack. The Alnico II Pro has a rounder sound than the '59, with a spongier bass response. This pickup comes with a four-conductor hookup cable.

Works Great with Others

This neck version of the APH-1 pairs well with a higher output pickup like an SH-11 Custom Custom or SHPG-1b Pearly Gates for heavier rock or hotter blues sounds from the bridge position.

Recommended for Brighter Tone Instruments

The APH-1 Neck pickup works best for brighter toned guitars, especially for ones with maple and ebony fingerboards. Furthermore, it also works great with hollow and semi-hollow body guitars.