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Seymour Duncan

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Seymour Duncan Nazgûl Bridge Pickup, Black

The Seymour Duncan Nazgul Bridge Pickup brings pure sonic depth to 6-string guitars, offering low tunings saturated in high gain to allow players to explore the deepest metal tones possible. Combining large ceramic magnets with custom wiring specs, the humbucker offers the perfect blend of articulation, saturation, and pick attack to deliver incredible leads and rhythms, while its brutal ''chugs'' ensures it can keep up with even the most brutal playing styles. The Seymour Duncan Nazgul Humbucker also features 4-conductor lead wirings to provide a variety of wiring options, and vacuum wax potting to deliver a squeal-free performance.

Designed for the Deepest of Metal Tunings

The Nazgul humbucker was originally designed specifically for 7 and 8 string guitars, allowing players to explore the deepest, darkest depths of sonic destruction and deliver a truly metal tone. The pickup combines large ceramic magnets with custom wiring specs, offering players the perfect tool for deliver incredibly low tunings under high gain. Its blend of articulation, saturation, pick attack, and brutal ''chugs'' provide an incredible harmonic content across the entire frequency range, ensuring players get a lively yet completely controllable sound. Although the Nazgul features an insanely tight bass response and aggressive high end saturation, its bell-like clean sound makes it suitable for clean amps as well.


  • DCR: 13.6
  • Magnet: Ceramic
  • Cable: 4C Shielded


  • Length: 3.315''
  • Height: 1.438''
  • Depth: 0.876''