Shure - Rpm181/Pre


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The RPM181/PRE Replacement XLR Preamplifier by Shure is designed to work in combination with one of four interchangeable capsules for the Shure Beta 181 side-address instrument microphone. The capsules come in cardioidsupercardioidomnidirectional and bidirectional polar patterns making a highly versatile pair.

With a capsule attached, it weighs only 5.1 oz and gets close to any source even in the tightest conditions. Its wide frequency response and high SPL handling is great for miking dual sound sources such as between toms or acoustic instruments. It is also very useful as a mono drum overhead or pair two to create the Blumlein stereo effect.
The RPM181/PRE matched with any of the available capsules performs with little to no crossover distortion and provides exceptional low-frequency reproduction. The pair provides exceptional audio with consistent, textbook-like polar responses resulting in a mic with noteworthy sound and versatility.