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Solid Thermal Spruce & Ovangkol Back and Sides

Like others in the TT range, the CP7MO TT utilises thermal top technology. This method involves the Spruce wood top being baked in a controlled high-heat, low oxygen environment. This process modifies the resins and sugars in the Spruce wood and delivers a vintage tone that usually takes many years to achieve. This unique process adds extra prestige to the CP7MO TT, and ensures you are investing in a top quality instrument.

The use of Ovangkol back and sides provides the CP7MO TT with elegance and also delivers a wide spectrum from lows to highs. Ovangkol is an African relative of Rosewood, it's a great sounding wood that shares many of Rosewood's tonal properties, with a slightly fuller midrange and a top end that's not quite as bright as Maple. This unique combination of tonewoods gives you a superb guitar that looks as good as it sounds.

Palathetic pickup system

Using six individually shielded piezo-electric elements, one for each string, the Palathetic pickup is not a just an under-saddle pickup. Rather, the Takamine design uses twelve times the element mass of the typical under-saddle pickup. The six elements penetrate the bridge plate, soundboard and bridge to make direct contact with the saddle creating a sonic linkage with the string. The pickup casing is mechanically attached to the guitar's top and bridge creating a sonic linkage with the soundboard. The result of this design is a signal that possesses the articulation of an isolated string signal and the rich harmonic content delivered by the resonating soundboard for a full, complete and accurate acoustic guitar tone at high sound pressure levels.

The Orchestra Model shape, with its strong lower midrange and versatile dynamics will appeal to both finger style players and flat pickers, and can be regarded as an ideal choice for an all round player.


Equipped with a TLD-2 preamplifier
Solid Thermal Spruce top and Solid Ovangkol back and sides
Mahogany Neck
Ebony Fingerboard with 3mm Abalone dots
Includes a case for storage and transportation

Body & Bridge:

Top:Solid Thermal Spruce
Back:Solid Ovangkol
Sides:Solid Ovangkol
Finish:Natural Gloss
Bridge Material: Ebony
Neck & Fingerboard:

Fingerboard: Ebony
No. of Frets Total: 20
Width at Nut: 45mm
Fingerboard Position Inlays: 3mm Abalone dots
Pickguard:Faux Tortoise-shell
Tuners:Gold Harware
Electronics: TLD-2

(Made in Japan)

 * Remember that every Takamine guitar purchased from us here at Musicstreet is perfectly setup in our workshop prior to sale at no extra cost to the customer. By doing this we feel that you will receive the best possible playing instrument which has been thoroughly checked in every respect. If you have a specific string brand / gauge you would like any guitar from us setup with please drop us a note in with your purchase or call in store for your personal setup