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Used but in good condition and full working order. No box.

The Slap Bass is a specialized effect designed by professional bass guitar player requests. This pedal is a must for the musicians who use spectacular and popular funk and slap techniques which demands specific snappy attack. AMT Slap Bass will give you a chance to expand your instrument sound range giving it more depth and compression. Musicians playing hard and heavy use Slap Bass as bass distortion with adjustable drive level. Also an amazing tool for guitar players looking to plug direct into their recorder to lay down that perfect, quick and easy bass track.

All AMT pedals are designed to sound equally as good through an amp or direct recorded due to built-in cabinet emulation circuitry.Perfect for live performance and in the studio. You must try one to believe it. The first time you plug one in, you will be instantly addicted to the "AMT Tone".

Technical Information:
Size: 112mm (4.4") x 72mm (2.8") x90mm (3.5")
Weight: 420g (14.8 oz)
Control: Level, Low, High, Drive
Jacks: IN, OUT
Power: DC 9V, 9V Battery or PSA (-) center Adapte