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Carol Ann

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USED but in good condition and fully functional. Sounds great! Comes with foot switch for reverb and mid boost.

Carol Ann amps are the real deal and the Carol Ann Satin is no different. This single channel amp offers a new tonal range compared with other amps in their range. Much cleaner and designed to be the perfect platform for pedals, the Satin has one of the best clean sounds you will ever hear. Plug in a Strat and you can nail the classic SRV Texas Flood tone, which was recorded on the holy grail of amps, a Dumble.

Beautifully simple and with a tube driven reverb, it's super versatile and ideally suited to both the stage and studio. Utilising parallel triodes, the Satin can double the current of the gain stage and increase the headroom massively, the result is a warm, slightly broken overdrive that is perfectly suited to a wide range of styles.

The power amp stage uses a 12AX7 driver feeding 6L6GC power tubes. The power amp has the typical presence control, plus a 'feel' control, which allows the player to control the tightness of the power amp, so the amplifier can be dialled in much easier for the players styles.

Featuring the 'Biasmon' TM circuit, you can find and dial in the perfect bias point. The amp will calculate the sweet spot and through the 3-Colour LED you simply dial it through until you hit green. No meters, no techs just a simple on board control. It's just another quality feature from this hand crafted, live tested powerhouse of an amp.