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Good condition, with a couple of small dinks to front, Lionheart Standard with matching headstock and Drop D Hipshot on the 4th string.

All Lionhearts are fitted with the amazingly versatile Sims Super-Quad pickup system, an adaptation of our Super-8 pickup. Connected to our renowned Tri-Logic switching system, get ready for a whole world of tonal capabilities as the Super-Quads are your new all-inclusive tone generators. 

We teamed up with Glockenklang preamps for their glass-like clarity and ease of use and we offer their 2 or 3 band active onboard preamps to further enhance the capabilities of the Super-Quad pickups. Other preamps are available by request as a custom option.

The 2-band preamps are always fitted with front facing skeleton jack sockets, whereas the 3-band preamp requires a side barrel jack socket. Although these are active preamps, passive mode can be engaged by the push/pull volume knob to achieve more old-school tones.