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The VOX Hand-Wired Series - turret board construction and hand-wiring make this the ultimate amp, with rich versatile voicing and a classic powerful sound.

Key Features
  • Hand-wired turret board construction
  • Birch-ply cabinets featuring tight, solid bracing and a natural high frequency diffuser
  • All-tube design: ECC83/12AX7 preamp tubes (x3) EL84 quartet; (AC30 models); EL84 duet (AC15 models) GZ34 rectifier (AC30 models); EZ81 rectifier (AC15 models)
  • Fitted with matched Ruby Tubes that provide extended dynamic range
  • Traditional VOX two-channel design; Top Boost and Normal. High and Low inputs for each channel
  • The clean-sounding Normal channel provides an additional BRIGHT switch for increased brilliance
  • The top boost channel provides a HOT/COOL switch to achieve even more gain
  • MV/BYPASS switch completely bypasses the Master Volume section
  • OP mode switch cut the amp's Output Power level in half
  • Vintage fawn-colored vinyl, reminiscent of the 1960 classic AC30