Visual Sound Time Bandit Click Track Bpm Generator

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Visual sound

Visual Sound is proud to release Time Bandit. Ideal in the studio and on stage, the Time Bandit takes the sound of a click track or metronome and converts it to the type of signal that any delay pedal with an external tap tempo jack can read. It also has a built in BPM generator so you don't need a click track to lock to the exact tempo of a song. Simply dial in the tempo, and it'll send that to the delay pedal for perfectly tempo sync'd delays.

Setting up the Time Bandit is a breeze. There are two 1/4" connections, one is a click input, the other is the output. The input receives the click signal from a metronome, or DAW. The unit converts that signal and then sends it to the output which in turn feeds the external tap input of your delay pedal.

Want an in-depth user review of the Time Bandit from a pro? Check out Michael Eisner's article here.

Visual Sound Time Bandit Click track BPM generator Specification:
Power: 9VDC , center pin negative (use Visual Sound 1 SPOT, Pedal Power, or other 9VDC power supply designed for use with effects pedals)
Current Draw: 4 3 – 54 m A (variable)
Size: Approx. 2.5” x 4 .25” (63x108mm)