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Voodoo Labs

The Amp Selector gives you full control over your sound and lets you tailor its functions to your needs in many different real world applications. It features different modes, one of which is on/off mode. This lets you operate the switches as 4 independent on/off controls. The second mode is exclusive mode, which means that whatever button you activate, only that amp will be active. All of this makes the experience quicker and smoother as you only need a single press of a button to change amp. Using both modes side by side still allows one touch control, but provides the option of selecting an additional amp for layering sounds.

The Voodoo Lab Amp Selector features slaving capabilities thanks to its buffered tuner or split output features. This means that you can use extra devices controlled by the main device, without loading down your pickups or overcrowding your tone frequencies. A second input can also be used for stereo signal paths, or to have different pairs of amplifiers for 2 instruments, for example when using an electric and acoustic guitar. This Amp selector is ideal for any player from beginner to professional, and is engineered to be robust and reliable for the best possible tone. Please see user manual for full safety information and specifications



  • Various modes including on/off mode and exclusive mode 
  • Status LEDs: Illuminates to show active amp 
  • Level Controls: Control output volume to balance amps 
  • Amp Select Buttons: Turn individual amps on/off 
  • Robust, reliable and compact design 



  • Power Supply:Supplied 9VAC Power Adapter 
  • Inputs: Connect From Guitar Or Pedalboard Out 
  • Tuner Out:Driven From Input-A For Tuner Or Other Slave 
  • Amp Outputs: Connect To Amplifier Inputs 
  • Note: Plugging into Input-A powers up the Amp Selector. Unplug this cable when not in use to preserve the battery 
  • Weight:1.4 kg