Duesenberg Guitars UK

Duesenberg Guitars UK

Duesenberg Guitars UK

We absolutely love Duesenberg guitars here at musicstreet, if you don't see the model you like, please get in touch with us..
Duesenberg Guitars is a company that brings you the very finest in electric guitars. Many of the top players in the world are recording and performing live these top quality instruments.

Duesenberg Guitars

are designed and manufactured to the highest standard using only the finest selection of woods, electronics and hardware available. The fascination of the shapes and colours in the 40's and 50's and the permanent search for technical innovation were the driving forces. A good balance between respectful analysis of the classic constructions and designs on the one hand, and careful improvement and optimization of the techical details are the solid base that the brand Duesenberg is seated on today.

1995 the first Starplayer was built in the basement of an appartment house in the south city of Hannover. Being founded by Dieter Gölsdorf as a one-man-business, the company today has around 30 employees. Several relocations were made and we're still growing. Modern manufacturing techniques like the newest technology in CNC milling machine or the Plek fret dressing machine result in Duesenberg being a synonym around the world for best quality and workmanship.

Hidden behind the pretty facade there are numerous technical innovations, which are sometimes only discovered at second sight. The Z-Tuners allow easy and comfortable restringing. The tilt of the pickups can be adjusted by a third screw in the pickup ring, so that the surface of the pickup can be aligned with the strings. And last but not least the Duesenberg Deluxe Tremola, which is one of the best systems available on the market today.

Single coil sound withound hum - generations of engineers tried in vain to solve this problem. They did it - with their PH90 SingleTwin pickup. And another detail that musicians all over the world love is the straightforward usability of the Duesenberg instruments. It is the simple but unique pickup wiring - easy to use but offering a wide range of sounds.

We have a great selection on Duesenberg Guitars available at MusicStreet.

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