Dunlop EP101 Echoplex

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The Echoplex Preamp recreates the magic of the EP-3's front end, featuring a Field-effect Transistor just like the original and following the exact same signal path.

The gain control allows you to boost your signal by up to +11dB, with light asymmetrical clipping at higher settings for an organic grit.

Powered with standard 9V power and containing power management circuitry to guarantee constant headroom performance throughout the normal life of a 9-volt battery, the Echoplex is house inside heavy-duty housing with true bypass switching and a status LED.

Built to take a beating on the road, the EP-101 means you can leave your fragile vintage pedal at home.

Features / Specifications

Input Impedance: 730 kohm
Output Impedance: 55 kohm
Max Input Level: - 5 dBV
Max Output Level: +5.5 dBV
Noise Floor: -95 dBV
Max Gain: +11 dBV
Bypass: True Hardwire
Current Draw: 12 mA
Power Supply : 9 volts DC


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