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Hamstead Artist 60+RT | MKII

The Single Channel Masterpiece

Sonic Versatility:

From the warmest of mellow jazz through sparkling country cleans, to mean, gritty blues and classic rock grind, this amplifier has it covered. All with a depth, clarity and feel that allows the personality of the player and guitar to really shine through – perfect too, for all your favourite pedals & effects. The Artist 60 also features a 'Voice' switch that adds presence and bite to the upper midrange, and Bright switch that adds a touch of brilliance to the top end.


Reverb + Tremolo:

The Artist 60+RT includes our signature Reverb and Tremolo circuits. The Reverb has depth and tone controls, allowing it to suit different styles of music, guitars and venues. The Tremolo has depth and speed controls, using analogue control of the signal to give a smooth, even sweep at any speed. Both are switchable on the front panel or using the included footswitch.

Built to Last:

Every aspect of the Artist Series’ construction is of the highest quality. From the eyeleted epoxy glass boards, to the thick aluminium chassis and British made custom wound transformers, the Artist series is nothing short of world class, marrying classic and contemporary design and manufacturing techniques. All amps come with a 5 year warranty as standard.


  • ‘Bright’ switch on the front. When engaged, this adds a touch of top end brilliance to the tone - especially useful with some guitars equipped with humbucker pickups.

  • A ‘Voice’ Level switch. There are now 3 presets, allowing you to choose the amount of mid-upper boost. Choose from: 2dB, 3.5dB and 5dB.

  • ‘Clean Gain’ switch. The new ‘Lo’ setting lowers the preamp gain, and gives you more clean headroom.


  • 60 Watts Class AB amplifier combo 7w/20w/60w scalable
  • 2 x EL34 Output valves (Cathode-biased); 3 x ECC83 (12AX7) Preamplifier valves
  • Lo & Hi Inputs with additional Bright Switch
  • Controls: Gain, Bass, Treble & Master Volume
  • Spring Reverb with Depth & Tone controls
  • Tremolo with Depth & Speed controls
  • Hi & Lo Clean Gain modes
  • Line Voltage: 230v or 115v (Switchable)


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