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The Jim Dunlop Mini Cry Baby Q Wah is a new miniature edition of the one of the most popular wah pedal ever produced. With the Q control you can shape the wah's response, emphasizing both higher end and lower end harmonics. Like other Wah pedals from Jim Dunlop, the Mini Cry Baby is easily adjustable, allowing the musician to sweep between four different frequency ranges ideal for those who want to set their own tonal character. This innovative new pedal also includes a true bypass and fasel inductor for added versatility.

Q Control

With the Q control, you can shape the wah’s response, from a narrow bandpass that emphasizes higher end harmonics to a wide bandpass that emphasizes lower end harmonics. If you want a bump up to the front of the mix, just crank the Volume control and then kick the Boost switch to engage the level change.

Four Sweep Ranges

The Mini Cry Baby Q Wah features the four most popular sweep ranges with the range selector the musician can chose the tonal character of sound using the range selector providing the perfect balance of wah control and pedal board-efficiency. It also features a handy LED next to the Boost switch that lets you know when its active which makes it easier for the musician and adds to the design of the pedal.


  • Four Sweep Ranges
  • True Bypass Switching
  • Q Control
  • Iconic Fasel Inductor
  • Compact Size Perfect for Pedal Boards


  • Inductor: Fasel
  • Bypass: True Hardwire
  • Footplate: Gripping
  • Housing: Robust Metal
  • Boost Control Range: 0.1 dB to 17 dB