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  • The IRT-STUDIO-SE is a limited edition red finish version of Laney’s most successful tube amp ever. It features a new illuminating Ironheart logo and also upgraded DI out / speaker emulation. Also included in the package is the dedicated FS4 footswitch in matching red finish. In conjunction with the IRT-STUDIO-SE release, Laney has also developed its recommended ‘ideal pairing’ cabinet –the GS112V speaker enclosure. Featuring the fantastic Celestion V – Type 12’’ driver, the cabinet delivers superbly balanced, warm tone across the wide spectrum of gain settings delivered by the IRT-STUDIO-SE These models will only be available for a limited period only during the second half of 2017, Laneys 50th anniversary year.

      Inputs: 1 x Jack 15 Watts & 1 x Jack 1 Watt
      Power: 15 Watts & < 1 Watt
      Channels: 3 - Clean, Rhythm & Lead
      Equalisation: Bass, Middle & Treble with Pull-Push EQ shift on each
      Master Presence Control: Overall TONE
      Boost Switch: Footswitchable PRE BOOST
      Preamp Valves: 3 x ECC83
      Output Valves: 2 x EL84
      Class: Class AB
      Reverb: Laney designed Digital reverb
      Footswitch: FS4-IRT supplied as standard - switches Channel, Clean, Reverb & Pre Boost
      Speaker connections: 1x Jack switchable 8 or 16 Ohms
      FX Loop(s): Yes - variable level FX loop
      Output Attenuation: VARI WATTS feature via input 15 Watts or < 1 Watt
      Internal Dummy Load: Silent Recording - no need to connect an external speaker
      Speaker Emulated Record Out: Direct out from the power amp tubes - delivering all valve tone recorded as well as live
      MP3 Input: Mini Jack
      DI Socket: XLR DI out - cabinet emulated
      USB Connectivity: USB Audio I/O for use with any DAW
      RE-AMP Enabled: IRT STUDIO sends DRY Guitar (left) and AMPED guitar right and is equipped with a RE-AMP function for use with any DAW
      Bag: Supplied with dedicated gig bag
      Rack Wings: Supplied
      Weight: 11 Kg Packed 5.5 Unit
      Unit Dimensions - use for internal flightcase measurements (H x W x D) (mm): 88 x 428 x 285 - 2U 19" Rackmount