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Multi effects pedals now have a whole bunch of different ways to control them but most expression pedals just don't have the flexibility as they are made to fit multiple systems. The Mission Expresion Pedal for Kemper is designed specifically for the Kemper Profiler range of amplifiers.

Extra Control, Perfectly Designed:

The issue with a lot of multi purpose expresison controllers is that different systems work in different ways. This means that the expression pedal that works great on your Line 6 Helix may not work well at all on something like a Kemper. By crafting the pedals connections, sweep and switch after the unit it was designed for you get the best possible performance. 

One of the great things they added in to this expression pedal was a switch at the toe of the plate like you would find on a Wah Wah. The idea is that this gives you an extra layer of control letting you change patch or effects without taking up more space on the pedalboard. 

Here's What Mission Enginering say about the Mission Expression Pedal for Kemper:

Use the Mission Engineering EP1-KP switching expression pedal to get the most out of your Kemper Profiler and Remote. The EP1-KP sports a linear potentiometer that's matched exactly to the specifications of the Kemper Profiler, for a precise and natural response. Even better, the pedal has a toe switch to turn effects on and off without requiring a separate footswitch.

The EP1-KP is available in green or black finish to perfectly complement your Kemper Profiler, and works with both the rack and head versions, and the Remote floor controller.


  • Weight: 3.5 lbs 
  • Dimensions: 12 x 6 x 6 in 
  • Colour: Black