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Exceptional analog warmth
A delay pedal that gives unparalleled richness to your playing. The 10th Anniversary Carbon Copy contains an authentic, completely analog audio path. This means that when you're using the Carbon Copy, every note you play will benefit from supreme warmth and fullness. Old-school analog technology is still the very best at making your effects sound natural and unprocessed. Pure, untainted sound.

Wide-reaching delay
Take complete control of your effects. The MXR Carbon Copy is the ideal unit to help you craft and shape how your delay sounds. Enjoy 600ms of delay time to let you experiment freely with the effect. Tweak the time between your repeats, meaning you can choose between abrupt and crisp repetition, gigantic and howling echo, or anything in between. Make your sound even more distinctive with a modulation switch. No limits on your creativity.

Perfect to take on tour
The MXR Carbon Copy is built with performance in mind. Every aspect, down to the very smallest feature, has been carefully designed to ensure it's the ultimate delay pedal for on-stage use. Its 3-dial interface is supremely easy to use, making it quick and simple for you to dial in your ideal delay tones. The pedal's small, compact, and lightweight design means it'll comfortably slot into any touring setup. It's also superbly durable. The strong aluminium casing protects it from the everyday wear and tear associated with gigging.
It's with good reason that this is the bestselling analog delay pedal in the world. Stars such as Aerosmith's Joe Perry and U2's The Edge take the Carbon Copy on tour with them. As soon as you plug into one of these, you realise why it's so popular. Experience world-leading brilliance.

  • Pedal Type: Delay
  • Manufacturer: MXR
  • Colour: Silver
  • Delay Time: 20ms to 600ms
  • Controls: Mod Switch, Mix Knob, Regen Knob, Delay Knob, Footswitch
  • Power: 9V DC
  • Input Impedance: 1 mOhm
  • Output Impedance: 1 kOhm
  • Max Input Level: +5 dBV, 500 Hz
  • Max Output Level: +8 dBV
  • Mix at Max CW: -96 dBV
  • Mix at Max CCW: -104 dBV
  • Delay Distortion:
  • Noise Reduction: 2:1 Ratio
  • Modulation Speed: 0.2 Hz to 2.2 Hz
  • Bypass: True Hardwire
  • Current: 26 mA