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Two amp signals for a range of tonal choice

Get yourself a pedal without limits. The Dookie Drive features two separate amp signals, based on the two heavily modified amplifiers Billie Joe Armstrong used when recording Dookie. One, providing scooped tones with high gain, brings dirty, driving power to your playing. You can enjoy fullness of voice at all frequencies thanks to the second signal with precise, defined midrange. And the best bit? These two signals can easily be blended to allow you to find your ideal tonal mix. Don't be held back in what you can create.

Your fullest solos

Make your lead lines sound clearer and more dynamic than ever. The MXR Dookie Drive features a scoop function, emphasising your midrange notes. This is particularly brilliant for riffs and solos, giving them the power they need to be heard fully and richly - no matter how thick the mix is.

Rooted in music history

A pedal with rock pedigree at its heart. The Green Day Dookie Drive is designed to emulate the sound that made the band so successful and well-loved in the first place. Featuring the now classic overdrive tones used on their 1994 album Dookie, it'll provide the unique, pop-meets-punk sound that has come to define the band.

To this day, Dookie stands clear as Green Day's biggest selling album - even eclipsing their 2004 mega hit American Idiot. This pedal is a tribute to that raw, exhilarating sound that made them famous. Experience greatness.


  • Model Name: MXR Green Day Dookie Drive
  • Model Code: JD-DD25
  • Pedal Type: Overdrive
  • Switching: True Bypass
  • Graphic: Green Day Dookie Album Artwork
  • Country of Origin: USA