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myMix Control is a web browser operated remote control and configuration software for myMix systems. Accessing the myMix PLUG network interface via WiFi or LAN connection, the user logs in using a common web browser application. The myMix PLUG runs an auto discovery routine that shows all active devices on the network. All configuration and mixing data can be transferred from the units to the user‘s computer or an external USB storage device connected to the myMix PLUG. myMix CONTROL allows the complete back up of an entire system, individual units or single profiles and control of individual units remotely on the network. It is ideal for operating and supporting larger systems with ongoing set up changes, as in theatres, or with production companies, but also allows easy configuration and locking of dedicated functions on myMix devices in commercial and install applications.

Remote control functions on myMix
up/download: entire project, complete device settings, individual profiles, preferences, lock settings. configuration of input mode, channel naming, send mix to network, master eq, effects,channel selection, editing of mix parameters (volume, effects sends, tone control, panorama/balance).

Locking parameters for myMix
global lock, record, mute, master volume, zero mix, solo, mute, settings, profiles, delete profiles, new profile, rename profile, local inputs/outputs, effects, master eq, sessions, delete session, rename session, play session, remote channel select, remote devices, preferences, unit name, administration, format sd card, restore factory defaults, update IEX16 firmware

Remote control functions on IEX16L
input channel configuration, channel naming, activation of line/ADAT (IEX16L-A only), up/download entire unit setting, lock unit.


• Individual Configuration and Editing of myMix and IEX16
• Remote access to individual parameters including mixing functions
• Universal Web Browser Interface - Independent of Operating System
• myMix Plug Network Interface with WiFi 802.11b/g Access Point
• USB Port for external memory
• Backup/Download of complete system settings and individual settings
• Global Profile Change for myMix
• Locking Menu with individual parameter locking per myMix
• Offline Editing Capabilities