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The myMix IEX-16L 16-Channel Input Expander is designed to provide an additional 16 channels of analog audio into a myMix system. It has dual DB25 connectors for signal from a mixing console, mic preamps, or digital interfaces. The IEX-16L features three levels of digital gain control per channel, allowing you to set the input at 0dB, +6dB, or +12dB. The unit is configurable with any myMix device or through a PC with the myMix CONTROL software. 
Multiple IEX-16Ls can be connected to add as many channels of audio as needed into your myMix system. It connects to multiple myMix devices through an optional 100MBps Ethernet switch.

  • Analogue Input Expander 
  • 16 Balanced Line Level Inputs on two DB25 Connectors
  • Optional available with additional 2 x 8ch optical ADAT Interfaces (IEX16L-A)
  • Adds 16 Audio Channels to myMix System in a 1U, 19-inch package
  • Independent Audio Channel Selection on every myMix unit
  • Convenient Signal Feed from a Mixing Console, External Microphone Pre-Amps or Digital Interfaces 
  • Individual Digital Gain Adjustment (0dB, +6dB, +12dB) per Input Channel
  • Can be combined with other myMix Input and Output devices
  • Configuration of IEX-16L from any myMix in the network or through myMix CONTROL software 
  • Works with 100MBps Fast Ethernet Switches
  • Allows the use of multiple IEX-16L with "virtually unlimited" Audio Channels on Network
  • Remote Configuration with optional myMix CONTROL software (web browser based)