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The RightOn! Mojo Race Teal Guitar Strap Blackis a guitar strap, made from imitation leather, with a 60mm width, a maximum length of 1500mm, and comes in black with orange racing stripe. The Race strap has a classic simple design with bright colours. This strap measures 60mm wide and has the exclusive RAS (Righton Adjustment System) to adjust the strap to the desired length. The Race strap is made of high-tech synthetic materials. It also has a microfibre lining that doesn't slip. This strap is padded with 5mm latex which makes it very comfortable and lightweight. In the front end tab, it has two small pockets for the picks, and in the back end tab has two "Fast Dispender Pick" pockets.

The main features of the RightOn! Mojo Race Teal Guitar Strap Black include:

  • Colour: Black/Orange
  • RightOn! Adjustment System
  • Material: Imitation Leather
  • Length: 950 - 1500 mm
  • Width: 60 mm
  • Padding: 5 mm
  • Lining: Microfibre
  • 2x Plectrum Pockets