Roland Bc Tc-Ej Eric Johnson Blues Cube Tone Capsule

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The hotly anticipated modification to the Blues Cube
Changes the tube characteristics of the original Blues Cube
Attaches under the amp chassis
Tunes the amp to give the iconic tone of guitar legend, Eric Johnson
Compatible with the Blues Cube Stage, Artist, Artist212

Size: 29x29x50mm
Weight: 15g

"Ive spent years finding amplifiers to suit my tonal quest and discerning criteria to get my sound. I'm excited to work with Roland to create many aspects and persona of that sound in a more compact, tangible, and affordable version for all kinds of players." - Eric Johnson.
The Tone Capsule is a modification circuit unit that changes the tube circuit characteristic of the original Blues Cube and attaches under the amp chassis. Once connected, the circuit modification on the Tone Capsule changes the tuning of the amp giving you Eric Johnson's remarkable tones and responses. Compatible products: Blues Cube Artist, Blues Cube Artist212 and Blues Cube Stage