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Schaller first invented and succesfully patented the guitar strap lock in 1981 giving birth to a product that has helped countless guitarists protect thier beloved instruments. Now for 2018, Schaller has re-invented their design, adding a few refinements and improvments whilst staying true to the classic Schaller strap lock design loved the world over!

So what has changed?
  • More strap thickness clearance
  • The barrel now accomodates straps that are twice as thick. The lock now has 6.6mm of strap thickness clearence, up from 3.3mm.
  • No more wrenches and triple security!

1. The new S-Lock has been designed with a triple security feature. The new locking wheel is designed to be tightened with your hands and features a self locking thread.
2. There is a "thru hole" for you to slide a screw driver or hex key through to get a little extra leverage when tightning the lock on to ourstrap if you feel you need it.
3. There is also a tiny grub screw to stop the wheel from coming loose over time.

  • One piece strap button and screw design
  • Made from hardened steel, the screw and strap button are now one piece and has a built in hex key head.
  • New locking bolt design
  • The internal locking pin is now slightly angled which lets the lock slide more easily onto the strap button.
  • Redesigned pull
  • A more ergonomic shape helps you hold on to the release knob.
  • Noiseless design
  • With improved design and less moving parts the lock is silent when you are moving around, in the studio and on stage.