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This is a nice piece. Owned by a regular customer and loved as much as gigged.

It has many of the original parts, but have had a few parts replaced as you would expect given the age.

The valves of course have been replaced; Matched set of TAD 6L6 power with a mixture of Mullard and GE preamp valves. 10 caps also been replaced, mainly due to the amp has actually been a working amp, so for reliability the originals were replaced, but we have all the original parts with the amp.

The Reverb tank has also been replaced with a TAD tank.

Fitted with a JBL speaker, this amp is clean, warm and loud.


 * Remember that every Fender guitar purchased from us here at Musicstreet is perfectly setup in our workshop prior to sale at no extra cost to the customer. By doing this we feel that you will receive the best possible playing instrument which has been thoroughly checked in every respect. If you have a specific string brand / gauge you would like any guitar from us setup with please drop us a note in with your purchase or call in store for your personal setup